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If you are looking for the ultimate driving pleasure, simply head for the water. No boundaries, no limits. Experience vast open spaces and pure freedom with the SEABOB-Jet. Whatever gear you have selected, you will receive an unforgettable driving experience

Speed is regulated via the Control grip. The enormous thrust generated between the power levels lends the SEABOB a dynamism and fascination beyond compare.

Unmatched Performance, Unforgettable Experience

Engineered for thrill-seekers and water enthusiasts alike, the SEABOB-Jet offers an unparalleled driving experience. Whether you crave heart-racing speeds or tranquil exploration, our watercraft delivers in every aspect. With effortless maneuverability and precise control, every ride is an adventure waiting to be discovered.

Your Journey, Your Way

No matter your skill level or preferences, there’s a SEABOB model suited just for you. From the adrenaline-charged F5 to the versatile F5 S and the sophisticated F5 SR, find the perfect match for your aquatic escapades. Explore vast oceans, tranquil lakes, and everything in between with confidence and style.

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Why Choose SEABOB?

Innovative Technology

Experience state-of-the-art engineering and cutting-edge design with every SEABOB model.

Unrivaled Performance:

From top speeds to seamless handling, our watercraft sets the standard for excellence on the water.

Exceptional Quality
Crafted with precision and attention to detail, SEABOB guarantees reliability and durability in every adventure.
Endless Possibilities:

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or both, SEABOB empowers you to explore the water on your terms.